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   A few years back, I bumped into a Nigerian Dwarf doe, and fell in love immediately. I decided to get a couple, and well, a couple turned into several.  Since that time, I've never looked back, and have loved every minute with my goats.  In addition to their productivity and mild temperament, they're just a great little package - the perfect size for children.  My daughter, a special needs little girl, especially loves the goats, and they, in return, seem to offer her special attention and patience.

     After hours of research, I determined which lines I'd like to have as my foundation animals.  We have now acquired animals from some of the top breeders in the country, and are really looking forward to great things.  We take a great deal of pride in our goats, and focus on conformation, milk production and udder qualities, temperament, and the ability to pass these traits on to future generations.  We test for CAE and TB (whole herd testing), and to date (November, 06) all tests have been negative.  All of our CAE testing is done using the cElisa test through Washington State University as we feel it is so much more accurate than the AGiD test.  WSU is also working on perfecting the PCR test, which will be even more definitive in diagnosing CAE, and we hope to soon begin using that test.  We are, and will remain, extremely careful about bringing in new animals into our herd, and are just as conscientious about animals that leave our farm.  In addition to these precautions, we have never had a case of caseous lymphadenitis ("CL"), nor have any of our goats been diagnosed with Johnes.  

    As a nurse for 20+ years, I've learned the importance of a good health maintenance program, and follow strictly the routine provided by Judy Veale of Stonewall Farms.  With Judy's permission, I've posted this routine on the page listed "Goat Information".  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, or just want to talk 'goat'!

     We decided to go on official 305 day milk test back in January, 2003, and we're pleased with the results.  Many of the does have earned their stars either through the complete 305 day lactation (AR designation),  or through concurrent one-day testing.  Peek-a-boo made the Top Ten list, 2003. Yep, our own Irish Whisper JM Peek-a-Boo ranked 4th in butterfat production, and 6th in protein!  We're just so happy, and so very proud of our girl.  Moreover, the information gained from testing has really proved to be a great asset, and will be used as a tool in our breeding program.  Our ultimate goal is to have does that milk with decent quantity while having exceptional quality (high butterfats, high proteins). 

      Our herd has grown considerably, and with it, the addition of the Standard Size Dairy Goats.  We added the sweet-tempered, usually naughty <g> but playful LaManchas back in 2004, and in 2008 we added those statuesque Saanens.  I just love white goats...

       So, sit back, browse our site, and Welcome!

Paloma, helping out with unloading hay...


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